Main Instructors

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Zoran Krunic Sensei, 4rd Dan, Chief Instructor

Bio to come soon…


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Dave Alexander, 2nd Dan

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Designate Instructors

These are people who are not official teachers at the club, but who do sub in from time to time.

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Jean Lemire, 2nd Dan

Jean joined the Renfrew dojo after moving back to Canada in the Fall of 2010.  He started Aikido in 1989 while living in Japan at a small club that followed Nishio Sensei.  He took a break from the art when he moved to Singapore for work but resumed Aikido in 2002 in England the Sevenoaks Club, affiliated with the British Aikido Federation under Kanetstuka Shihan.  He tested for Shodan in England in 2009 and tested for Nidan at the Kelowna Summer Camp in 2012.  Had the privilege to attend a seminar with the current Doshu in 2010.  Jean also has a keen interest in kenjutsu and cycling.

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Ryan Cho, 1 Dan

Ryan has been practicing Aikido for about 12 years and started in Victoria under the tutelage of Scott MacPhail Sensei.  He trained for several years with Michael Smorhay Sensei at SFU Aikikai before coming to Vancouver Aikikai.  Ryan frequently supplements his practice by dropping into many of the other Aikido clubs in the metro Vancouver area, and has had the good fortune to attend seminars and classes all throughout BC, the USA, and Europe.  He is also studies the Brazilian art of capoeira at Ache Capoeira Vancouver, and has also been known to dabble in judo and the Filipino martial art of Escrima when time permits.

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Jade Tong, 1 Kyu

Jade first started Aikido while a student at UBC in January 2007. She admits to never expecting to continue with Aikido beyond the first term, but found herself fascinated by the focus on body awareness, control and balance. She was also enticed by the prospect of one day being able to lift guys more than twice her weight and most definitely enjoys the occasional friendly tussle on the mats.

When the UBC club closed down, she moved to Vancouver Aikikai, where, apart from a one year stint in Calgary, she has studied since.

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