Dojo Etiquette

When entering or leaving the dojo, it is proper to bow in the direction of O-Sensei’s (Morehei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido) picture, the kamiza, or the front of the dojo. You should also bow when entering or leaving the mat. No shoes should be on the mat. Remove watches, rings and other jewelry before practice as they may cause injury. Please, keep your fingernails and toenails clean and cut short. If you are having trouble with a technique, do not shout across the room to the instructor for help. First, try to figure the technique out by watching others. If you still have trouble, approach the instructor at a convenient moment and ask for help. Please, keep talking during class to a minimum. It is particularly impolite to talk while the instructor is addressing the class.

A karate gi uniform may be worn during practice, however the judo gi is preferred since it is more durable. The gi should be white or non-bleached.  There are several martial arts supply stores in the lower mainland where a gi can be purchased.  Please see “Links“.

For more information about Aikido’s origins, etiquettes and structures, please see the Vancouver Aikikai Beginner’s Document.

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